Past Events

Most of the past events of interest to the club are covered in our British Marque articles and found in those pages. Others which don't make it there and that we are aware of (tell us!) will be summarized here.

Brandywine Motorsports Club

One of our "neighboring" clubs is the Brandywine Motorsports Club located in the Newark/Wilmington Delaware area. Beside the "normal" car-related events these folks hold autocrosses and "rallies" throughout the year. Their rallies are not the typical SCCA "blood and guts" time-speed-distance events but spouce-friendly "gimmick-tour-adventure" drives, often hunting for answers to clues and easily timed sections if you want to add to your day. Best of all - these are Lanco MG priced - FREE!!!. The following is a link to their latest newsletter. Check it out. They advertise and support our events - to the same for them!

BMC "Gasline"