Lanco MG's "Miles - Smiles - and Pixels"

“Break out your car and camera for some adventure”


  • Starts March 1st, 2022, ends October 31st, 2022
  • Updates will be posted on our web site as received
  • Submit your electronic entries to Ralph Spayd at
  • Include the make/model and age of your car.
  • To even the playing field, we’ll have two classes for submittal:
    • Up to and including 1980
    • Post 1980


  • A picture of you AND your car AND a road sign showing a location. All three must be in the same picture.
    • Sorry, but must be a British car. Prefer the car be one listed on our membership roster. Good time to update your info….
  • It’s not about the mileage and how far you’ve driven on your journey, but how far you and your car are from the “epicenter” of the LANCO MG Club. The “epicenter” for us is Gloria and Larry’s bathroom on Todd Lane in Lancaster. The distance will be calculated from there to your photo. No round trip, just one way mileage will be calculated.
  • The submission with the furthest calculated distance will win $100 to be presented at the banquet on Dec 3rd. Both classes will be recognized and awarded.

A Few Simple Rules:

  • No photo shop BS - let’s take the high road on this one, unlike the failed trivia question debacle.
  • No driving your “other” car to a road sign, removing it and placing it in your back yard for a photo op!
  • Not looking for photo perfection, but blurry photos like the Bigfoot or UFO evidence will be excluded.
  • No trailering your car, must be driven to the location.
  • National sponsored club events or club scheduled events e.g., MG 2022, etc.  are excluded, you gotta be more creative than that!
  • Open to LANCO Club members only.

Enjoy, have some fun with this and put on some smile miles.

For a pdf version of these rules click here and then print that page.

Rev: 02182022