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This club web site has become the primary method of communication to the membership. We are changing the format of this Membership page so it can be the GoTo page for all Club announcements, cancellations, and other information the officers feel the membership should be notified about. Additionally, we will also use this page for specific event information such as meeting places for caravanning to events, etc.



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Ragtops & Roadsters Monthly Newsletter

(October 2022)


"Just British" monthly news


Check out the photos from LancoMG helping to start the 2022 Lancaster Barnstormer's season.


Watkins Glen Racing History

Here is something that might interest many of you.... "Just another road in upstate New York: The story of Watkins Glen"


Look what shows up on Google Earth !

Taste of Britain - 2016


Fire Extinguisher Purchase Program

More and more often, car shows are requiring that those that enter their cars in the show must have a fire extinguisher with their car. This is not just the sponsoring organization flexing their muscles a bit, but an way to address the valid concern that your car, and those nearby, could possibly end up as a charred carcass of its former self. But why should that just apply at a show? If you work on your car yourself, don't you have a fire extinguisher nearby in your shop? No? Then you must enjoy playing Russian Roulette with a .45 Colt with one bullet loaded in the six-shooter's cylinder. LANCO MG wants to help its members rectify this unsafe situation. Go to eBay, Amazon, or your favorite on-line shopping site  and search for "Halotron 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher". Purchase the 2.5 pound Halotron extinguisher and print a copy of your payment receipt. Turn that in to the Club and receive $20 back from LANCO. Note that this is a halotron extinguisher which will not cause a mess when putting out a fire like dry chemical units would - if you ever have to use it. We hope you don't. Many sellers list these for about $110 to $150 for a Kidde brand unit.  One hundred and thirty bucks ($150 purchase less $20 "rebate" from LANCO) is a small price to pay, considering the alternative of a roasted, toasted MG (or other British vehicle of your choosing).


"The History of M.G."

Here's links to a three-part "History of MG" that be can be found at various sites on the Internet. These have been posted to YouTube. Each segment is about 8-1/2 minutes long.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3




















Prez's Message

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