LancoMG Special Auction

Current bid: $750. (As of 10:00 a.m. EDT, 10/11/2021)

The LANCO MG Club is offering for sale via an auction bid a 1969 MGB GT in Pale Primrose with wire wheels. The car has a clear PA Title and is offered “AS IS” condition. The club makes no warranty as to condition. The description of the car is a general observation of its condition and history to the best of our knowledge. The club is not responsible for any errors or omissions regarding the condition of the car. The buyer is solely responsible for the final evaluation.
The car had been located for approximately 20 years in Lititz, PA. The car has not run in that time. During a heavy rain storm, the car was submerged in approximately 4 feet of fresh water. After that, the car was moved, but not driven, to another location in Lititz sometime during the last 20 years. We’ve relocated the car and you can contact Jim Harbold to arrange to see the car after September 6th.  Jim can be contacted at 717 318-9035.

Some general observations regarding the car made during the relocation; The car rolls freely, but does not have an ignition key and the steering wheel is locked. There are some rust bubbles on the rocker panels and rust at the fender beads. The interior carpets and seats are not restorable. The water line was above the rocker cover and the transmission was submerged. The car was in running and driving condition prior to the submersion. The car does have a spare tire and an additional new wire wheel.

The car has been donated to the LANCO MG Club. The club will donate any proceeds from the car to sponsor a car at the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA. The starting bid for the car is $500.00. The car will be sold to the highest bidder. The sale will transact via cash payment!

Bids will be accepted by e-mail only to "" and the subject must be "MGB-GT Project car auction bid"!  Include your name, address and telephone number along with the dollar amount of your bid in the body of the e-mail. (Click HERE to begin your bid e-mail.) Matching amount bids will be processed and accepted in the order received. (First received = first accepted and recorded.) The current winning bid amount will be updated daily by 8:00 a.m. until the morning following the close of the auction.

Bidding will open on September 6th. The auction closed on October 10th and we will notify the winning bidder at that time. The car will need to be moved no later than October 30th at the winning bidders expense.
Title transfer will need to complete prior to transferring the car. The title transfer will be at the buyer’s expense and can be coordinated with Tony Sinkosky at 717 629-7956.
Any questions regarding the bidding or condition can be directed to Ralph Spayd at or call me at 717 314-3153.
Please feel free to forward this information to any other interested parties.

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